Common Law Records

Common Law protects our rights and freedoms, as long as you defend your rights.

In Australia, our supreme common law is the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

Why we Sign the Charter to Establish a Common Law Assembly

This is Important: It takes 12 people to come together (to ‘assemble’) who all sign an Oath before their fellow Man and God (no matter whether you believe in a ‘god’ or not), as we consult the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost when twelve people sit under oath to God Almighty to find facts. Blasphemy disqualifies a person from entering the Kingdom of Heaven when they pass away. This comes out of the Gospels binding on the Crown by the Coronation Oath 1688 ( 1 Will and Mary C 6 ). Luke 12 Verses 10-12. This is why each assembly can only be convened by at least 12 people swearing their Oath together. Once they do that, they become a lawfully appointed Local Government, with all the powers of a government to pass laws or by-laws to protect the community, to elect Sheriffs, to convene Common Law Courts with a Jury of 12, and even to raise a local militia to protect the community from attack. Click here to sign your Charter to establish a Common Law Assembly

This video explains why you Record ownership of your life, goods and chattels in Common Law.

Become a CPO

CPO Form – fill in and get Notarised

Download and edit this CPO form to become a Commonwealth Public Official. Fill in the information in red.

This form is in Microsoft Word ’97 format so that it can be edited in most word processors. It has 3 pages. Print out the first two pages on the front and back of a piece of A4 card (available from Office Works). Use a  card that is used to print name cards.

DO NOT print out the third page.

You must take the form in person to a Notary Public to have it signed and sealed. Not all Notary Public’s will do this, so you may have to search until you find one.

Tim O’Dwyer is a Notary Public based in Sunnybank, Brisbane, QLD, and he is happy to help.  Contact Tim first to make an appointment. 

Contact Tim:
Phone: 0439255122
There is a fee for getting the form signed and sealed. The usual fee is $100 but this depends on the Notary.

Size: 775KB

This service is Free

We provide a free recording service. Immediately you fill in any Records form you will receive a PDF certificate by email.

Recording your details here protects your rights and property under Common Law. However, you should be aware that the certificate you receive may not be recognized by the political party corporate government, as we do not have a contract with that system.

You should complete your Live Birth record below before submitting any other deed:

Record a Live Birth
Click on the link in the above heading to record your birth under common law. By recording your birth, you establish your standing as a living man or woman.
Record Marriage
Click on the link in the above heading to record your marriage under common law.
Motor Vehicle
Record your declaration of ownership for your motor vehicle. This moves the vehicle to common law jurisdiction.
Lawful Rebellion
Have you recorded your oath under Article 61 yet? Fill in the form and upload your Oath.
Property Ownership
This category can be used to transfer the ownership and jurisdiction of your property. Your property is transferred from the fiction to the living man/woman.
Record a business, organization or trust
Your organization can operate freely under our common law and the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.
Record Medical Marijuana Use
Record your medical marijuana use to establish your lawful usage under English Common Law, our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901
Charter to establish a Common Law Assembly
Australia: Establish your status as a member of a Common Law Assembly to give power to your community to pass laws, convene common law courts, appoint Sheriffs, and to unite people to work together under common law
Oath of Office
Record your Oath of Office. To be used by Assembly Administration members, Sheriffs, and Court members.
Personal Property Record
You can record anything you own on this page. Use it for your own personal record, or to provide proof to an insurance, company, to prove ownership in a court of law, or anywhere else it will prove you own the personal property you record here. Personal property can be anything you value, from jewelry, machinery, pets, to fishing gear, or anything at all.

NOTE: All information recorded in Common Law is held in a password secured database by the Administration of this website. We do not sell or give away any information recorded here. Nor do we make any of it public, or provide it to any third party, without the express permission of those who record their information here.


  1. Where is the data in each record stored? – It is stored in a secure database on a hosting server in the USA. Access is available by strong encrypted password to only the Records Administrator. We do not share or give away any personal information recorded through this website. Read our Privacy Policy.
  2. Is my certificate legal? No. Common Law has nothing to do with Roman or Admiralty law. However, some people have already used their Live Birth Record to claim benefits from Centrelink. Try it yourself.
  3. Are there any associated costs involved? No. Our records service is absolutely free and your certificate is delivered by email immediately after you record your information.
  4. Who issues the certificates? Are they lawyers? Absolutely not! Lawyers are part of the corrupt Admiralty system and they have nothing to do with common law. Our records are maintained by the National Common Law team and they do not need anyone’s permission to do anything… nor does anyone else in common law. We are all responsible for our own actions.
  5. Can we get a copy of our live birth from the State Registry Office? When you ‘register’ anything you give away your rights to it. We do not register anything. We keep a record for you instead, but we do not take possession of anything.
  6. How long do I have to wait to receive my certificate? As soon as you record your details you receive your certificate.
  7. After applying do I need to authenticate it? No. It arrives immediately in your Inbox fully authenticated.
  8. I was born overseas. Am I eligible for an Australian Common Law live birth record? Yes, if you live here and love Australia you are welcome to record your live birth.
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