Common Law Records

Common Law protects our rights and freedoms, as long as you defend your rights.

In Australia, our supreme common law is the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

This video explains why you Record ownership of your life, goods and chattels in Common Law.

We provide a free recording service. Immediately you fill in any Records form you will receive a PDF certificate by email.

Recording your details here protects your rights and property under Common Law. However, you should be aware that the certificate you receive may not be recognized by the political party corporate government, as we do not have a contract with that system.

You should complete your Live Birth record below before submitting any other deed:


Please enter your information carefully. If you make a mistake please click on the link in the confirmation email you will receive to Edit your own record. DO NOT make a new record…DO NOT ask us to make any changes for you.

Record a Live Birth
Click on the link in the above heading to record your birth under common law. By recording your birth, you establish your standing as a living man or woman.
Record Marriage
Click on the link in the above heading to record your marriage under common law.
Motor Vehicle
Record your declaration of ownership for your motor vehicle. This moves the vehicle to common law jurisdiction.
Lawful Rebellion
Have you recorded your oath under Article 61 yet? Fill in the form and upload your Oath.
Property Ownership
This category can be used to transfer the ownership and jurisdiction of your property. Your property is transferred from the fiction to the living man/woman.
Record a business, organization or trust
Your organization can operate freely under our common law and the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.
Record Medical Marijuana Use
Record your medical marijuana use to establish your lawful usage under English Common Law, our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901
Charter to establish a Common Law Assembly
Australia: Establish your status as a member of a Common Law Assembly to give power to your community to pass laws, convene common law courts, appoint Sheriffs, and to unite people to work together under common law

NOTE: All information recorded in Common Law is held in a password secured database by the Administration of this website. We do not sell or give away any information recorded here. Nor do we make any of it public, or provide it to any third party, without the express permission of those who record their information here.

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